Coming Soon... Valcour Brewing Company!

By now you’ve heard the very good news that The Friends came to an agreement with Terry Schmaltz and Mary Theresa Pearl, proprietors of Valcour Brewing Company, to assign our contract to purchase the Old Stone Barracks to them. This will enable them to undertake their extraordinary plan to both preserve the Barracks and to transform the building into a craft brewery, tasting room, events space, and inn, all of which will have very positive economic and cultural impacts on the region. 

Visit the Valcour Brewing Company Website

Coming to this agreement achieves the most important goal of the Friends, which was to “ensure the appropriate adaptive reuse of the Barracks.” 

With this success, we’re now turning our attention to the second part of our overall goal as outlined in our original case statement: “uses (of) the building and site for public education and inspiration.”

We are now working to establish a public interpretive heritage trail through the Old Stone Barracks property.

The walking trail will provide an educational experience through which people can learn about the history and importance of the Barracks and the rich military history of the Champlain Valley. Our ability to build this trail is part of our agreement with the Valcour Brewing Company and it will be funded using the donations we have received and will continue to receive from people like you. 

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